Since the ancient days of Hawaii, island people have treasured the concept of malama aina (means to care for and nurture the land). That concept will be displayed through the new film, “Aina: That Which Feeds Us.”

The documentary which debuts this evening at the KCC Performing Arts center shows the powerful contrast between the older traditional methods of caring for our island and the modern methods now in place using pesticides, GMOs, and other agro-science tools.

All the neighbor islands ( Kauai, Maui, Hawaii) have voiced protest about the ways that the biochemical companies use the islands as their testing grounds. Kauai and Maui have both passed legislation to mandate more disclosure from these large companies about what substances the companies are using. The state, however, has ruled the county's legislation as invalid because these issues are under the jurisdiction of the state and not the countys.

You can view the trailer of this new documentary here...