The fifth-grade Koloa Elementary School teacher wasn’t the only one full of joy on Thursday July 23rd.

She and 19 other mentors received a $19,500 check from the Rotary Club of Poipu Beach and Aloha Angels, a donor fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation.  Out of the $700 given to each teacher, $500 is for school supplies for their classrooms and $200 is for a field trip. Or, the teacher can divy up the money according to their own classroom's needs.

The check helps 20 Koloa elementary classrooms and five after-school clubs.

First-grade teacher Cathy Braun was ecstatic as she sat with her colleagues. “I had butterflies in my stomach and I started to tear up when they presented it and just that overwhelming feeling of being so thankful,” she said.The check was presented to KES principal Linda Uyehara by Rotary Club President Michael Carlsson and Rotary member Monroe Richman.“We really want the kids to be seeing the curriculum in their education to be relevant to their lives and the only way they can do that is out in the real world and so I am so grateful and so appreciate of our community members being able to provide such a great donation to our school,” Uyehara said.

The Rotary club wanted to adopt all 20 classrooms and five after-school clubs through Aloha Angel’s programs Adopt a Class and Adopt an After School Club, said Aloha Angels President Ric Cox. The club donated $14,000 to Aloha Angels to adopt the classrooms and $5,500 to pay for teachers to mentor five after-school clubs for each quarter of the upcoming school year.

In Kapaa, the Rotary Club of Kapaa has adopted all 48 classrooms at Kapaa Elementary School through the same "Adopt A Class" program. As school begins this week, each of the teachers at Kapaa El will learn about these gifted funds.

Ric Cox said Aloha Angels intends to adopt all 277 public elementary classrooms on Kauai. The organization has adopted 168 classrooms so far.

“I hope we can renew this every year, this commitment, so that teachers get $700 every year,” Cox said. “I hope we can grow the numbers of clubs at Koloa so they could have 20 after-school clubs if they had the funding and I hope to do this at every school, at every public elementary school on the island.”

The Rotary Club of Kapaa donates $103,000 to Aloha Angels. From left, Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr., Aloha Angels President Ric Cox, Rotary Club of Kappa Foundation President Jim Saylor, Former Kapaa Rotary Club President Ron Margolis and Kapaa Rotary Club President, Ronald LeMay.