What about taxes on Kauai?
People are often curious about our taxes here on the island. Relative to mainland states, our property taxes on Kauai  are generally regarded as  low.  The latest tax rates are as listed below. When a homeowner receives an assessment which they disagree with, there is an appeal process. Dec. 31st is the deadline for any assessment appeal.
A residential investor is an owner with an assessed property value over $2 million and it is not the owners primary residence. 

County assessments are calculated annually with the fiscal year beginning on July 1st and taxes are due twice a year; February 20th and August 20th. The first tax bill goes out on July 20th.  It's good to note here that the county's assessed values are not necessarily the same as "market value" or "appraised value". People often assume that is the case when it is rarely is.
For  new homeowners, it is essential that your exemption  be filed by September 30 of each year to apply to the following tax year.  Standard exemption and disabled exemptions can carry over from year to year. Reference the exemptions below and remember to apply as soon as you have purchased your residence.
  • Standard exemption for owner occupants is $160,000
  • Owner occupant ages 60-70 are allowed  a $180,000 exemption
  • Owner occupant ages 70+ are allowed a  $200,000 exemption
  • Owner occupant with income less than $61,000 are also eligible for an additional $120,000 over standard exemption
  • Blind, Deaf or totally disabled can apply for an additional $50,000 over the standard exemption ($160,000)
  • Disabled Veterans are totally tax exempt except for the minimum tax of $100/year
Other tax relief programs are available for non-profit organizations, low-moderate income housing, parcels Dedicated toAgriculture, Tree Farm exemption, public utility exemption, Historical designation by the Hawai'i Registry of Historic Places and Commercial Alternative Energy Facilities.