It's an agent's job to constantly price watch the market. We know we've seen tremendous growth since 2012. In fact, single family housing on Kauai has appreciated at close to 10% a year since then. 

At a recent conference, Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams alluded to a shift in the market that has been showing up on the mainland. Gary pointed to five indicators of a downturn of some sort. Days on the market are up, the supply of move-up and higher end housing is now growing, home prices are going down in some markets, unit sales are slowing and construction is flat. “Only four times in U.S. history have home sales been higher, it’s a sign of a shift,” said Keller.

Plus, the “median home price is higher that it has ever been in the history of recorded time — last time we were here we were on the verge of a recession,” he said.

“It wouldn’t take much right now to push us into a buyer’s market.”

Take a look at the August market stats for Kauai and you can see where our market is growing and where it's becoming stagnant. The neighbor islands of Hawaii have many micro markets.

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